About Aluminum Prints

All photographs, regardless of size, are printed on aluminum panels. This relatively new medium renders rich and vivid color depth unrivaled by any paper of any kind. The images are not attached or adhered to the metal, but actually fused into it under intense heat.

Larger prints are presented in a sleek, new, frame-less "Exhibit Mount" style. The panels on which the photographs are printed have a white background, and the finished prints are given a mid-gloss coating. This produces the crispness of a traditional gloss with reduced glare, and also provides UV protection.

The prints are backed with a 2mm black styrene substrate and mounted on a black metal inset frame which floats the image 3/4" off the wall. The edges of the prints have a smooth, burnished black finish for a cohesive look. The result is a smart, attractive, and durable print complimentary to any decor.

Automotive Mascot photographs are offered in traditional Plein Air Frames in a smaller size as shown below.

About Limited Editions

Photographs are offered in size editions of 9 or fewer and limited to a total edition of 36 or fewer. Print sizes and editions of some photographs may vary, but they will not exceed 9 of any size, and total editions will not exceed 36.

Each edition has a 3-tier price structure beginning at the introductory Tier 1 level and increasing as the remaining number of an edition decreases.


Print Numbers:         1-3              4-6              7-9            
Edition    Size           Tier 1         Tier 2           Tier 3       
    9         16x24          900.00    1,350.00     2,000.00
    9         20x30        1,500.00    2,250.00    3,400.00
    9         24x36        2,250.00    3,450.00    5,250.00
    9   Larger sizes included in one edition:
               30x45        3,500.00    5,250.00     8,000.00
               32x48        3,750.00    5,750.00     8,750.00
               40x60        6,000.00    9,000.00    13,500.00

    36 Total Edition


Display and Care
These panels are durable and easily cared for, but they are not indestructible.  They are susceptible to dents and scratches like any fine metal finish. Avoid placing them face down or standing them on-edge on hard surfaces, or subjecting them to hard kinetic actions.

Should they become smudged or dusty, gently wipe them with a clean, dry soft (microfiber recommended) cloth. For the occasional stubborn smudge, use a clean, microfiber cloth dampened with water or non-ammonia window cleaner.

 They are fade-resistant, but as with any photograph, direct sunlight should be avoided.

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